Mo money, mo problems

Need a new coffee table? You can buy mine for a mere $50. Check it out here.

I feel like I'm in a money crunch so I'm selling and taking things back that I really don't need. I hate this, I'm not good at things like this at all. I like to buy things that make me happy, not sell things that I like. Take these shoes for instance:

I got them on sale for an amazing price a few weeks ago. I haven't worn them yet and after hard thought, I don't need them after all. And to make myself feel better, they weren't the most comfortable to walk around in.

But I really, really like them. They're sophisticated and they looked really sexy with a little black dress. But on a happy note, I found these flats while looking up the designer. Flats are much more practical and how great are those grommets?


K @ Blog Goggles said...

I always buy heels but rarely wear them. Like you, they just make me happy!

Jess said...

oh man those flats are FABULOUS! much more practical.



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