San Francisco was a success! Good people, good times, good food. What more could you want?


Haight Ashbury. Everything I thought it would be, and more. I've never heard so much Rastafarian music in all my life.

The architecture. I love, love, love bay windows and duh, being in the Bay area, they were everywhere.

Chinatown. The biggest Chinatown outside of China and we had the best Chinese food ever.

The animals. Sea lions and Sea gulls.

Kenny Chesney. I didn't think I was a fan but now I am. Such a fun show with really great people. The cute redhead in the middle showed me all around the city. We walked for miles and miles and couldn't get a cab to save our lives. A nice man at our hotel offered us a ride to the show in the back of his convertible. We almost took him up on his offer but ended up getting a cab. Sounds scary and random but he looked like nice enough and was in the back with us later that night.

So sadly, no pictures of the Golden Gate bridge. It was foggy the whole time we where there. Supposedly if we would have gotten closer it wouldn't have been bad but from far away it just looked like a white blob. Speaking of the fog, it gets really, really chilly at night. I came completely unprepared and had to buy the beige jacket I was wearing. I layered everything I possibly could and was still freezing at the end of the night. I look totally haggard in that photo but it was the end of a very, very long day and I think we were all a few drinks in at that point.

3 days wasn't nearly long enough. We really did have a great time. Everyone we ran into was nice, even the bums were nice enough to veer us away from the bad areas of town. But definitely bring sneakers or any shoe with arch support if you're planning on walking those hills. They're killer.


Simply Mel said...

I love seeing someone else's point of view about my city I call home! Glad it was good to you!

KT said...

Lucky you! What a lovely city it is! I can't wait to go back and explore more, I need a lot longer than 3 days for sure.


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