Bloody Barneys

Barneys is known for their eclectic store windows thanks to the ever fun Simon Doonan but apparently the latest displays have peoples' feathers ruffled.

The saying "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing..." served as the inspiration but somewhere along the line it got lost in translation. Maybe somewhere between the splatters of fake blood.

I personally don't find them offensive, just a little odd. I think they could have been executed better (the mannequins look awkward and the random blood splatter doesn't really make sense) but the idea itself isn't bad. It's definitely eye catching and makes you think, "What the... ohhh I get it. Clever."

It was so bad though that they have already been removed. Doonan said he encourages creativity, but "this clearly crossed the line." Yikes.

(Via The Cut)


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

wow, they took it down already? i wasn't offended by it either...actually i wouldn't have thought twice about it if i didn't read about the controversy.
oh well...

Anonymous said...

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