Top 2008 Albums

I came up with 10 of my personal favorite albums of 2008. I thought long and hard (not really) and listened to a lot of music this year. These are in no particular order though Crystal Castles and Midnight Boom by the Kills were my most played.

To have a blog named after a White Stripes song I had to have Jack somewhere on my list. Luckily it wasn't hard because Consolers of the Lonely was a solid album. It had to grow on me but once it did I enjoyed it. Oh and they're Nashville boys now, just another reason to have them on the list.

I'll never forget listening to Evil Urges for the first time. My boyfriend and I didn't know it was MMJ's new album and were both like, "WOW, this band is great, who are these guys?...wait this kind of sounds like Jim James..." Duh.

I haven't seen Midnight Boom on any lists but I wore this album out. It's a fun album to listen to while your driving.

You & Me is a classic Walkmen album.
Modern Guilt has become my favorite Beck album of all time, I really like this album.

Because you've got to have some hip hop in your life, Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III had to make my list.

My boyfriend told me that he's sick of me playing this album but I can't help it, it's fun. MGMT's Oracular Spectacular.

Dear Science made everyone's list this year but deserving so. I can't get enough of it.

Fleet Foxes is a great album and would probably sound even better on vinyl.

You will want to dance after listening to Crystal Castles. I wore out this album over the summer.

Okay so those were my top picks for 2008. I'm glad it's over, it really wasn't a great year and I'm ready to see what 2009 will bring.


Royal Mail

I adore the British. I think it's because I loved every bit of my British vacation in college. In any event, their new stamps are fantastic. I wish I could mail a letter with the tube map on my stamp.

(Via Poppytalk)


Back problems?

SO apparently your handbag shouldn't weigh more than 10% of your body weight. No wonder my back has been hurting lately. This thing weighs like 4lbs without any of my necessities.

(Via The Cut)


What should Michelle wear?

My friend just told me about this and I was bewildered that I didn't know!

Women's Wear Daily asked fashions' top designers to submit sketches of an inaugural dress for Michelle Obama. I hope she becomes a fashion icon like Jackie O, how inspiring!

What a lucky lady she is.

Here's the article.

Friends, you're not alone.

Yesterday I heard that more of my friends lost their jobs at my old workplace. It's sad to hear the bad news and it's hard for me because I know how their feeling. American Apparel is also laying off hundreds of people.

When is this nonsense going to stop?

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For sale

J Crew has been going crazy with the sales lately. Not that I'm complaining but it's like every time I check my email one sale ends another one begins.


Store shopping? I don't think so darling.

The wealthy are so embarrassed to spend lavish amounts of money in public that they're secretly shopping at underground parties! Oh my. Read it here.


No one is ever going to believe you

Bill Murray's been hanging out with twentysomething hipster's in Williamsburg. It's like he really did turn into his character from Lost in Translation.

Read the story here.

(Via A Cup of Jo)


Is Nashville the New L.A.?

I just saw this article and I had to do a double take.



One day I'm going to have a beautiful home and it will have a striking bookcase that catches your eye the moment you walk in (I haven't decided where it will be but it will be somewhere). I've always had an affinity for bookcases. When I moved into my house one of the first purchases was a bookcase to showcase my small (but growing) collection of books. I think it's one of the best looking spots in the house. I love to turn on the spotlights and have them shine down onto the books and knick knacks.

Thanks to I Suwannee for the bookcase inspiration.

High Heels Typeface

Okay it's not a typeface that you could actually use but how FABULOUS!

The Pipeline, Via Trendland)


PANTONE(R) 14-0848

The authorities on color at Pantone named "Mimosa" the color of 2009.

Mimosa "represents hope and optimism — buzzwords for the new year after a 2008 full of instability and upheaval," reports British

Funny that this is the color for next year because I was drooling over this photo from the Sartorialist the other day.

I love the yellow pants, so chic.

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The Art Wall

In my office I have an "art wall" with only black and white photos. It turned out really well so I thought I would do the same in my living room. But for some reason or another it didn't turn out to look quite as cute. I ended up taking everything down, sanding and then repainting the wall so I could start over. I ran across this a while ago and I thought it was a great reference guide to hanging your art.

(Via All the Best)


Keep Calm

I guess the Keep Calm thing is "over" but I still adore my poster. I had it framed in a beautiful gold frame and it's sitting on a table in my entryway. These rugs are amazing, don't you just love the wellies?

(Via Swiss Miss)

Take a picture

I just discovered this photographer. How clever are these photos? I can totally see Real Simple using these in a layout.

(Via Black Eiffel)

Victoria Beckham Collection

This video is super cute. Now I want to dress up and hide behind fancy curtains.


Lady Margot Onassis

This is my new puppy, Margot. Her official name is, Lady Margot Onassis. She's a little lady and Jackie O would definitely approve.

I brought that rug home from Turkey. It's the single most expensive item I've ever bought. Dear God please don't let her destroy it...


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