I really enjoy the GOOP emails from Gwyneth Paltrow. I've read a lot of criticism and I don't feel that it's warranted. It's so silly that people are making a big to do over something that they don't even have to read.

I really enjoy them and would recommend them. The travel ones are great to reference if you're going to the city that's being covered. I've saved all of them so I can look back and make lists of hotels and restaurants to check out. The recipes are great too.

Anyway, I just felt like defending GOOP because I'm tired of reading mean things on such harmless emails.

Happy Weekend!


Spring is coming.

J Crew has some new spring arrivals.

I think I may have to get this little dress. It will be perfect for a warm day.


I've been thinking about my door... wreath.

My best friend emailed me this link earlier today. I thought it was a cute idea but little did I know how adorable it would turn out!

It's so cute! I want to make one now. Hobby Lobby even has flowers and greenery 50% off this week. Perfect timing.

Malene Birger

Courtney from Inside the Loop did a post on Malene Birger and I absolutely love her clothes! I'm in love with this coat.


Let's start to work on that core.

Not that I want to think about fitting into a bikini right now but I just found the cutest one from American Eagle. It doesn't look very American Eagle-ish, which is a good thing.

Gosh, I dread the idea of trying on a bathing suit right now. Fiery Hot Cheetos and skimpy bathing suits do not go well together. I need to get out my pilates dvd's STAT.

All dolled up

I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the Oscar gowns last night. There's usually always a dress that blows me away but instead I was just left with, "Eh, that's nice." Not what I wanted.

But anyway here are a few that I thought stood out from the rest:

Okay, I really hated to put Miley Cyrus on here but I did think her gown (by Zuhair Murad) was really pretty. It would have been prettier on Reese Witherspoon but alas Miley made a good choice so kudos to her.

I was surprised that Freida Pinto chose this dress. It didn't wow me but I appreciate that she went out of the box with a one shoulder (by John Galliano.) She's so gorgeous, it would be hard for her to look bad in anything.

This looks like a gown you would wear to the Oscars but for some reason it still didn't wow me. It could have been one of those that's breathtaking in person but doesn't show as well on TV. Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive.

Taraji Henson looked lovely in Roberto Cavalli. The color on her was stunning.

This is totally random but I saw this picture of James Franco and his mystery date and I really liked her dress.

Okay and this was just plain ugly.

(Photos via NYMag & NYT)


Color me beautiful

I found this super cute print shop last night through this blog.

I really wish this print wasn't sold out, it's so The Life Aquatic.

Katy Elliot's blog has a great section on affordable artwork. That's where I found the submarine print and a few other great ideas.

This lovely piece is a mere $40. They're hand made with old maps and thread. You can even get one custom made!!! Here's her etsy shop.

I've wanted this print for a while, I need to just suck it up and order it already.

Katy also had a link to Domino where they had some great ideas for posters. I've grown a fondness to this:

I need to learn how to frame because if I do order any of these (which I will sooner or later) plus take the stack (seriously, a stack) of prints/posters to my favorite framer I will be spending some serious $$$.


Sucky, sucky

The Cut did an exclusive video with Mrs. Beckham about her fall collection.

(Photo via VBB)

Harry Potter

Super cool concept design from
M.S. Corley of the Harry Potter series. I suppose the designer in me will always judge a book by it's cover. I like how these really fit together as a cohesive series. They definitely look more adult friendly than the originals.

(Via Black Eiffel)


Karen O says NO

No guitars for the YYY's new album, It’s a Blitz! Karen O put her foot down.



For fun dance music while you work or play check out DISCODUST.


Fantastic sophomoric effort

"I don't want to make dresses that will date. I've always been about clever buying."

True to her "name," Posh has done it for the second season in a row. Classic silhouettes that are clean and sophisticated yet still have a modern edge. Nothing's over-the-top yet everything makes a statement; a classic, elegant, beautifully executed statement. Is it too obvious that I'm fan?

I hope someone (a fabulous someone) wears one of the floor length gowns to the Oscars.

(Photos via NY Mag)

Fall 09 looks fun

This lady makes me wish I had a head full of curls and enough nerve to wear a fur. There's so much to read on fashion week it's exhausting. NY Mag is offering full screen views of the shows which makes it a lot easier to pick and choose your imaginary choices for fall.

Here are a few of my favorites thus far:

Derek Lam

Ruffian - The "black point d'esprit body stockings" were worn under everything... I want one.

Diane Von Furstenberg - I had a few favorites.

Yigal Azrouƫl

James Coviello - LOVE the blue dress.

Isn't it fun to daydream?


Road signs

For all those times you've had a case of road rage, wouldn't you have loved to have had one of these?

(Via Swiss Miss)



I don't do the twitter thing. One day my boss asked me if I ever "twittered" and I would give anything to see the look on my face when I said, "Excuse me?!?" But honestly I just don't understand the point of wanting other people to know your each and every move. Unless it's someone tweeting from the tents in Bryant Park for the next week. The Cut has a twitter feed that already has amazing stuff like:

Tim Gunn is doing HeartTruth intro; person sitting next to us says, "Can I just tell you, his Guide to Style show saved my life"

HA! At least this will amuse me for the next week.


For the birds

When I started this blog back in October I did a post on feather headbands. Well, I finally got around to making my headband. I'm pretty proud of it since it cost under $5 to make. Here's the feather-ed one next to a plain one.

This shop has some serious ones, the best ones I've found online. Oh and of course here. Those are fantastic but a little out of my price range.

I'd like to make one like this but I'm afraid I'd look ridiculous with it on.

Hello, lover

Kate Spade has some super cute V-Day cards to send to your one and only this year.

A Cup of Jo)

It's just a nervous tick.

Everyone's talking about this bizarre interview today.

Because I'm Chuck Bass

I just ordered this.


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