How do I look?

One of my lucky friends will be the recipient of this on the next holiday/birthday.

Because everyone should wake up feeling like Audrey Hepburn every once and a while.


Monsieur Papparazo

Spotted: K leaving Nashville for a quick jaunt to Paris. Will she find love in the City of Lights or will she never eat a baguette again?



Right now I don't have the words to describe how amazing Paris was. I had hoped and dreamed of seeing the city my entire life and it was even more than I had expected. I have to go back.

J'appartiens là.


The City of Lights

I'm off to Paris for the week! Au revoir!

(Photo via Etsy)


Le chocolat

I'm in love with this little French sweet shop, A La Mère de Familee. Possibly one of the cutest websites I've ever seen.

(Via Design*Sponge's Paris City Guide)

The Footnotes of Mad Men

This might be my new favorite blog.

The contact info is friendsofdickwhitman@gmail.com. HA.

Thanks to @chris_hopper for the link.

Oh Anna

Fashionologie has a great selection of Anna Wintour's early 80's NY Mag spreads. This movie is going to be so great.

GlamBuzz and Kottke)

Just because...


Anouck Bertin

Anouck Bertin photos via This is Glamorous.


A good friend let me borrow this book and now I don't want to give it back. The photos and illustrations are breathtaking.


A Cause Des Garçons

I love some Yelle.

Yelle - A Cause Des Garcons - Click here for more amazing videos

New York, I Love You... but you're bringing me down

This is going to be so good.

I don't get it

Renee Zellweger dated Jack White, married Kenny Chesney and is now dating the hottest actor around, Bradley Cooper. What is it with this girl??

(Photos via DailyMail, MSNBC, JustJared)

Mick De Giulio

A marble kitchen makes me weak in the knees.

Urban Grace Interiors; Via Decorati)

Madeleine Mona Coat

I swooned over this coat for way too long yesterday afternoon.

For the man on the go

The Tomas Pink commuter tie has a clever little spot reserved to hold your iPod. Previously made as a limited edition piece, it will hit the stores in September.

(Via Chic Report)


Mad Men Yourself

It's like Wii for Mad Men! MadMenYourself lets you design yourself to work at Sterling Cooper or go out for drinks with Don... like I did.

The Camera & Mad Men

I'm really looking forward to another season of Mad Men. This video essay explains how the camera has a huge part on the show. Totally worth watching if you're a big fan.

Vanity Fair did a great story here. The photos by Annie Leibovitz are amazing.

(Via Kottke)


Stamp it

I'm loving these address stamps from Paperwink.

Bonjour? Bonjour?

Maybe land lines will make a comeback.

(Via Habitually Chic)

Wakey wakey

This is what an annoyed/tired spaniel looks like when you wake her up from her morning nap.

When she stands, the black fur on her butt is shaped like a heart. So cute.

Oh my

Paris? Oui!

(Photo via Style and the City)

Emily Elizabeth

I love when stuff like this happens!

Last year when I was Etsy-obsessed I found this great jewelery designer, Emily Elizabeth. I loved her Greecian themed bracelets and earrings and bookmarked her Etsy shop for future reference.

This morning I got my daily email from the Bright Side Project with a beautiful picture of a gold necklace. The longer I skimmed the jewelers website the more familiar the pieces looked, it was Emily Elizabeth! Apparantly her designs have been featured in InStyle, Real Simple and worn by Alexa Chung to name a few.

I still love her pieces. How beautiful is this headband?


Collectors item

Another decor magazine folded, this time it's Southern Accents. Will there be any magazines left 10 years from now? I keep reading how pathetic this year's September issue of Vogue is going to be compared to 2007's near 900 page monstrosity. At least they picked a good year to make a movie about the September issue.


Fashion advice needed [updated]

I saw this jumper while I was in San Francisco and my friend said, "That's hot. You should get that." Even though I'm not a big fan of floral prints I decided to try it out. I was looking at the reviews on UO and the main complaint was how short it was. Everyone said order a size up. So this morning I made my way to the local UO and tried on a size larger than I usually get and was shocked at how short it was. Like I'm talking bootylicious short. So I settled on an even larger size and it was still pretty short (i.e. below)

So my question is, is it short and cute or is it short and tacky? I'm not one to wear revealing clothes but I thought pairing it with a long cardigan would be cute and would lessen the revealing part. OH and I'll also have a spray tan when I wear this so I won't look ghostly like I do here.

Lauren Conrad looked cute in it.

I don't know, I've got 30 days to return it. I've gotten 2 opinions, a yes and a no. So I'm still torn.

{I tried it on again, happened to bend down in front of a big mirror and noticed how high it hikes up when I bend over. Waaaay too short for me, I don't think anyone wants to see my butt. Better luck next time Urban Outfitters.}


No way.

Not even on your wedding night? Really?

poll really surprised me.

(Photo via
This is Glamorous)

Oh la la

Lunch on the Seine sounds fabulous.

(Photo via This is Glamorous)


Paris: Made By Hand



My schedule has become kind of hectic and I'm passed the point of remembering what time and where I'm suppose to be at all times. When I had a corporate job I kept everything scheduled in my Outlook calendar to keep organized. If I had an iPhone I'd probably keep up everything in there and then sync it to my computer but instead I have a Blackberry which just complicates things. I bought a cheap planner the other day but I think it would be wise to invest in one of these:

Small, cute, efficient. What more could you want in an organizer?


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