Blah beige

I've never been a fan of white/beige interiors. I find them boring, unwelcoming and definitely not inspiring. I'm learning everyday more and more why I do and don't like different styles and I think I figured out why I don't care for the all white or beige look.

Yes, they look clean but I think they can also look stark. Designer
Stephen Knollenberg has done a lot of white interiors but they don't bother me as much as others. I think it's because he always has a little something to contrast the white. The wicker wingback chair averts your eye from all the monotone colors, the industrial metal barstools in the kitchen give it some spark, and the zebra stool is a nice pattern to throw into the mix. It's just nice to have something to help your eyes not glaze over with "blah everything's white or beige."

I guess I just like the unexpected or having a wow factor in a home.

(Via Desire to Inspire)


Jonathan Waller said...

You know, I would post more comments if I could just do it from Google Reader. Oh well.

In the top photo, I'm drawn to the window? art? above the sofa. I like the wingback too, but I think it's pretty much just as boring in terms of palette.

That kitchen is a snoozefest. You've got great beamed ceilings and gorgeous hardwoods and you stick in a tired old wrought iron candelabra and some stark barstools? Yawn. Paint that bitch dark red or green and add some vintage pieces of charact-ah!

I actually like the living room photo at the bottom for its double-tall windows and the cozy look of stone. I believe I would have used three large, suspended drum lamps in bold patterns instead of [again] the tired wrought iron candelabra. I'm so over those!

Lane said...

well, i agree with you on the blah-ness, but i agree with john about the window in that top photo. it's to die for!


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