Clare Vivier Handbags

I first blogged about Clare Vivier in 2010 (here) and I'm still lusting over her bags. I've moved on from wanting the messenger bag to the foldover clutch. A friend gifted me a Christmas package with a cut out picture of a clutch and cash to buy one (so I could pick out the color) but I somehow never got around to ordering one. 

Foldover Clutch in Caramel with a black and white stripe

This one is definitely on my wish list for 2015. I can't believe I've wanted one of her bags for 5 years now! 



One of my favorite purchases from our Italy trip this past spring was my Coccinelle bag. We stumbled across a store in Lucca and I fell in love.

Here are a few of my favorites from their Fall/Winter 2016 collection.


Yosuzi Venezuelan Hats

As soon as I saw these Yosuzi hats I imagined Carrie Bradshaw wearing one as she traipsed around the West Village. Beautifully colored and handmade in Venezuela, these hats are not only a statement piece but charitable. A portion of each sale goes to a non-profit dedicated to the health, clothing and education of Indian children.

From the Yosuzi site: 

Born and raised in Venezuela, Yosuzi, which means “cactus flower” in the Guajiro native dialect, spent her childhood immersed in the traditional ceremonies, stories and artisanal crafts of her ancestral Guajiro heritage. Stories of her Great Grandfather, Chief Yajaira, and of her Grandmother, Flor Emmanuel, winner of the first Miss Venezuela competition in 1946, instilled in Yosuzi a strong emotional tie to her native roots.

The hats are made of 100% Iraka Palm Straw, harvested from the Iraka Palm, and finished with whimsical, handwoven trimmings. Each hat takes about eight hours to weave. Made with a diagonal weaving technique unique to the tribe, the hats’ patterns and symbols represent the spiritual wisdom of Yosuzi’s ancestors.



Always a fan of Olivia Palermo's style, these personalized iPhone cases by VIANEL are ultra chic.

How cool are the lighters?


Moda Italiana

Living Room Makeover

 Loving the simple palette of this living room makeover at Erica Chan Coffman's Oakland, CA home. 


Leopard-Print Calf Hair Sandal

I can always appreciate a leopard-print shoe. They are a simple way to add a bit of fun to an outfit. But this sandal takes fun to a whole new level.


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