Regarding Yoga

I really enjoy yoga, I do. It's pretty much the only form of exercise that I have habitually kept up with and look forward to every week.

But... this made me laugh out loud.

Because though I do enjoy it, I have many a time caught myself contemplating in the middle of a sun salutation, "Okay, Big Mac or Krystals after this BS is over?"

This makes you feel good

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.

(Via Swiss Miss)

The Real Photoshop

Anyone that uses Photoshop can appreciate this.

(Via Eli Horne)

Wilhelm Staehle

I've been a fan of the Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre for over a year now and I just found out that there are some new ones on the site. My favorite is still the hi/bye bear.

You can view everything here and buy everything here. Genius.


I've wanted this print for a while. You can't help to say, "Awww, cute." when you read it.

Buy it here.


Perfect X-mas gift

So being a lady with make-up and girly nonsense has been a pain with all of the airplane regulations. This is the perfect solution. It's so cute!


Oh Chuck Bass

Dare I say it, but Ed Westwick might turn me onto K-Swiss's. Hmmm, maybe not but he does a damn good job selling them.


Mrs. O

this is genius and makes me really excited.


Black Friday and Black Diamonds

Even though I got let go last Friday from my job, if I had received this black diamond it would have made that black Friday delightful.

(via This is Glamorous)


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