Klimt comes to life

Love these interpretations of some iconic Klimt pieces.

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After a hard day's work


Here we goooo

I pretty much danced throughout Bassnectar's entire set last night. It was the most fun I've had at a show in a long, long time.


Is that a bird on your chair?

I always seem to go back to this Houston home for inspiration. The navy dining room and high gloss, cherry red powder room are show stoppers. A mix of modern and traditional in unexpected ways and livable, aka: my home decor aspirations.

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Des chaussures

Last winter the sales girl in Repetto searched all over Paris for a pair of these in a size 41. As luck would have it, they were sold out everywhere (in grey and black) and to make matters worse, Repetto didn't ship to the States. I'm not a huge shoe girl but when I tried on the white pair (I couldn't rock the white ones) my feet fell in love.

I ended up buying a painting in replacement of the shoes though they never left my vain heart. But today the shoe god's shined down upon me and reminded me of the little French beauties.

Enter J.Crew and their rendition of the jazz flat. Finally, my shoe dilemma (that honestly I had forgotten about) was solved. But of course I wasn't satisfied because I wanted the Repetto ones! I ended up doing a little googling and found them ONLINE. So one year later, I'm finally putting my best foot forward.
(Bergdorf's also has them in grey!)

God bless America.


Alexander McQueen knuckle clutch.


I'm Peggy Olson. I want to smoke some marijuana.

I don't recall ever being into a television show as much as I am with Mad Men. Gossip Girl, Sex and the City... they were fun but they're nothing compared to watching Don Draper every week. The acting, the set design, the COSTUMES, the storyline; everything is impeccable.

Behind the scene photos from
Rolling Stone.

Anything is possible...

...with an ostrich feather chandelier over your dining room table.

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Red Soul

The thought of opening a box with a shiny new pair of Louboutin's gives me chills.

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Words of wisdom

I usually think stuff like this is cheesy but I thought this one was great,


Refinery 29 has a great post on different looks for your bangs. I'm growing mine out but they were a fun look for the spring, maybe I'll go back.

And what's a bang post without the cutest bang bearer of all, Zooey Deschanel.

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Fur for fall

Mod fur

Okay not fur, but texture

Bunny coat


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