I've got a bullet in my pocket...

The Dead Weather made their (public) Nashville debut at War Memorial last night. It was nothing less than spectacular. But then again you shouldn't expect anything less from Jack White and Co. (whoever the company is at this point.)

Don't mind the dust

My friend David did a post on this great NYT article on modern antiquarians. I've liked this taxidermy heavy style for a while. It's definitely the more masculine side of my decor style.


Time is on my side

The Cut did a great post on Cartier watches here.

I forgot how much I love this watch. What a classic piece.


If I lived in a city where I walked a lot I would definitely invest in one of these packable rain jackets.

Such a chic look that can be easily stowed away. I shutter to think about getting stuck at a football game and being forced to wear a poncho. Everyone looks like a walrus in a rain poncho, even if you think you don't, you do. If you had one of these you'd never see a poncho again.

They also carry these water resistant trenches that are equally as attractive yet can't be packed away.

It's been such a rainy summer here in Nashville I'm always thinking about shoes and outerwear. Because even if it's raining and windy and your hair looks like a frizz ball, you still have a cute jacket on.



I'm in love with these:

I've always had a thing for koozies. I think it started in college when my roommate and I personalized ours with glitter glue and felt letters. But at least no one would "accidentally" grab you drink with one of these on it.

I think they're kind of hip and I think I might order one.

Scrub a dub dub dub

Another item to add to my "dream home" file: An outdoor shower

If you've ever experienced the freedom an outdoor shower gives you, you'll understand my desire for one. There's something about breathing fresh air while you're shampooing and lathering that makes you feel so alive. What a great way to start a day.

(1-S. Russel Groves, 2-Virginia Kerridge Architect, 3-Fernau + Hartman Architects, 4-Urban Grace Interiors, 5-House Beautiful)

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

I finally saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and it was fantastic, such a poignant film.

It was one of those little reminders that life is too short, you never know what could happen next.


What's your number?

Figuring out your rate per hour as a designer has always been hard (at least for me.) I never want to over charge or under charge and figuring out that magical number is always a struggle.

Design Sponge did a great post {here} on how to calculate your rate to be fair to you and your client.


Lady Margot

"Are you going to give me a treat or what?"

I love my little Margot more than anything but the next time I get a dog I will definitely consider the shedding factor. I'm so sick of dog hair. It gets everywhere, places you wouldn't even imagine.

Sitting in English garden waiting for the sun...

I've been on a Beatles kick lately.

"I am the Walrus" has been my favorite song since I was a little girl and still is. I can't imagine how strange it must have been for me to favor this song out of the entire Beatles library when I was like, 11.

What a bizarre song. It's a far cry from, "I Want to Hold Your Hand."


These girls are going places.

"Oh my gawd," uttered in the most southern accent possible, were the first words out of my mouth when I saw this photo.

When I found the other photo I immediately emailed my friend and said, "If we were 6 years old and hanging out at the beach, I'm positive this is what we would look like."

I can't even handle the cuteness.

(Via Two Ellie)



I really love Victoria Beckham's dress collection. The entire collection epitomizes sophistication and ease. But I think what really made me fall in love with the dresses (and her) was this video ad:

It's so quirky and fun. It was the perfect juxtaposition of the sophisticated dresses and the playfulness of hide and seek. It's right up my alley (and the second time I've posted it on here but I absolutely adore it, I can't help it.)

She's been in the process of shooting a new commercial/ad for the Fall 09 collection in Notting Hill. This time the girls are on swings! I can't wait to see the finished project.

(Via Victoria Beckham Style)

Sure Nuff N Yes I do

Last night a friend introduced me to Captain Beefheart and I can't stop listening to him.

1960's blues rock at it's best.


Paint it black

When in doubt, paint it black.

I've always worn a lot of black but the idea of a black interior sounds harsh yet they don't look harsh at all.

I always think of my friends mom who painted everything black. He joked that if him and his brothers stood still long enough she'd paint them black too.

I'm painting something black this weekend.

(Images 1-Elements of Style; 2-This is Glamorous; 3-A Bloomsbury Life; 4-Elements of Style; 5-This is Glamorous; 6-Le Fashion; 7-Bryn Alexandra; 7-This is Glamorous; 8-Elements of Style)


Don't Google stalk me

is a must-read.

(Via SwissMiss)

Remember when...

I love looking at old photos, especially of Nashville, to see how things have changed through the years. It's even weirder when I can remember areas that were once fields and are now suburban shopping mecas. That's why I love this photo series by Jason Powell. What a great way to show the past and the present.

(Via A Cup of Jo)


Bloody Barneys

Barneys is known for their eclectic store windows thanks to the ever fun Simon Doonan but apparently the latest displays have peoples' feathers ruffled.

The saying "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing..." served as the inspiration but somewhere along the line it got lost in translation. Maybe somewhere between the splatters of fake blood.

I personally don't find them offensive, just a little odd. I think they could have been executed better (the mannequins look awkward and the random blood splatter doesn't really make sense) but the idea itself isn't bad. It's definitely eye catching and makes you think, "What the... ohhh I get it. Clever."

It was so bad though that they have already been removed. Doonan said he encourages creativity, but "this clearly crossed the line." Yikes.

(Via The Cut)

MiMe Vintage

MiMe Vintage, an eBay shop based in Hong Kong, sells vintage dresses from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

I'm in love with the polka dot one. I'm definitely bookmarking their store so I can keep checking for updated inventory. They even have a tailoring service to adjust lengths and necklines!

Ruby Press)



I can't wait to get my copy of this in the fall.

Sit here and clear your mind

I'm loving this little pink alcove. I have a Turkish lantern that I got in Istanbul that would be perfect for something like this.

I'm adding this to my dream house "must have" list along with these.

(Via Pink Wallpaper)

I've got feeling, a feeling deep inside...

It's all happening.

(Photo via Kate Spade)



San Francisco was a success! Good people, good times, good food. What more could you want?


Haight Ashbury. Everything I thought it would be, and more. I've never heard so much Rastafarian music in all my life.

The architecture. I love, love, love bay windows and duh, being in the Bay area, they were everywhere.

Chinatown. The biggest Chinatown outside of China and we had the best Chinese food ever.

The animals. Sea lions and Sea gulls.

Kenny Chesney. I didn't think I was a fan but now I am. Such a fun show with really great people. The cute redhead in the middle showed me all around the city. We walked for miles and miles and couldn't get a cab to save our lives. A nice man at our hotel offered us a ride to the show in the back of his convertible. We almost took him up on his offer but ended up getting a cab. Sounds scary and random but he looked like nice enough and was in the back with us later that night.

So sadly, no pictures of the Golden Gate bridge. It was foggy the whole time we where there. Supposedly if we would have gotten closer it wouldn't have been bad but from far away it just looked like a white blob. Speaking of the fog, it gets really, really chilly at night. I came completely unprepared and had to buy the beige jacket I was wearing. I layered everything I possibly could and was still freezing at the end of the night. I look totally haggard in that photo but it was the end of a very, very long day and I think we were all a few drinks in at that point.

3 days wasn't nearly long enough. We really did have a great time. Everyone we ran into was nice, even the bums were nice enough to veer us away from the bad areas of town. But definitely bring sneakers or any shoe with arch support if you're planning on walking those hills. They're killer.


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