No, no, nooooo

This is so wrong.

Are you nuts Scarlett Johansson? You really thought you could cover a Jeff Buckley song and get away with it?

I'm offended.

I think everyone should have "Grace" in their music collection. God, he was soooo good...

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"Is that blood on you? Yeah. From where? People's faces."

So the Brian Jonestown Massacre are coming to town April 9th to play Exit/In. If you don't know who they are you need to watch D!G.

I can't believe they're playing here. I saw the Dandy's back in September and it was one of the best shows I'd ever seen.

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Mad for clothes

The costume designer from Mad Men, Janie Bryant, might have her own line coming out. "I'm working on some things right now," she says. "I hate to be so mysterious but I can't really say! It would have my name attached to it though."

How fantastic! The clothes make the show! And this just reminds me of how bad I wish the new season would start.

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Domino is coming to an end.

It's a sad sad day. Domino will publish their last issue in March. Thanks a lot economy, you're taking EVERYTHING away that I enjoy. What's next, Mello Yello's or Gossip Girl?

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I'm feeling like...

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The Paper Nut

What a cute stationary site.

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The London Tweed Run

Just another reason to love the British. These men rode their bikes in head to toe tweed in an event called "The London Tweed Run"...amazing.

And this jolly fellow is representing good ole Tennessee Whiskey. I love how my mom's been all over the world and everytime she says she's from Tennessee people respond with, "JACK DANIELS!!"

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Budget friendly

I'm so over this economy bull shit. The one positive thing has to be the SALES.

Just look at this purse, it was originally $325 and now it's $88!!!

Or these boots, marked down to $129.

I really love this dress. It's marked down too.

Seriously though, this is getting old.

Fiat Jolly

This car is begging to be in a Kate Spade ad campaign.

Inside the Loop)

Cool cats

Kanye & his colorful entourage outside the men's Comme des Garcons show.

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Exciting news!!

The girls are coming back for a sequel!!

My love for geniuses

How brilliant is iTunes' Genius? I mean it really does know what you want to hear when you click a song.

I'm always impressed with the selections. And this one even ends with Sigur Ros. It's like it thought, "Oh okay, after all that she needs to calm down and mellow out with some Sigur Ros." Maybe I'm taking it too far but I think it's... genius?

My ears will forever be grateful for this invention.


Obama's Day

This is really cool. Obama's People.

A Cup of Jo)

Our First Family

Oh just look at how beautiful our First Family is! I thought Michelle looked lovely and the girls were beyond adorable. This is all just so exciting!


What's today?

What a cute idea. A calendar compiled of polaroids designed by Marc Brubaker. How clever.

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How to's

I love scarves but sometimes I can't get the look I'm going for. These diagrams are super helpful.

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Neo Neo Classical

I love Jonathan Adler's quirky pottery. How great is this piece? I've wanted this for like a year and now it's on sale!! I don't know where I would put it but I think it's fabulous.


Bright lights, big city

How cute is this NYC inspired charm bracelet?

Chuck Bass Fridays

According to Gossip Girl's costume designer, Eric Daman, colleges are having "Chuck Bass Fridays."

"Bass goes beyond my personal style, I wish I had the money and youth to carry off his looks. It’s just un rêve (a dream) to dress a womanizing straight boy in such dandy apparel. I’ve read blogs from different colleges that actually have Chuck Bass Fridays. There is a whole movement behind him and his wardrobe which is sooo gratifying because, lets face it, men really should dress better. There is no one favorite look, I just try to keep him up to par each episode, which is no easy task."

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Elizabeth Soule

I love these prints.

Lust at first sight.

And it's on sale.

Impress all of your friends...

with origami!! The Origami Club was brought to you buy some nice Japanese people willing to take the time to diagram how to make the craziest things like...

A cactus.
or a penguin?
How about a crawfish?
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I keep eyeing Victoria Beckham's Louboutin ankle boots wishing, hoping, and dreaming that somehow an extra $1,000 would appear in my checking account. That sounds totally outrageous, $1,000 on a pair of shoes.

I googled Christian Louboutin and came across this episode on Oprah.

I had no idea every pair were handmade, that definitely makes the price *more understandable. Maybe one of these days I'll be strutting some red soles... maybe.

Rare White Stripes footage

"That was the worst show you've ever played in your life. You're fired"


No sales here

From the CEO of Versace:

"Our regular client was not queuing on January 3-4 in Milan or Rome but was on the slopes in St Moritz or on a boat in the Caribbean," he said. "We want to offer a real luxury and not to open our doors to the consumption of young girls who can put the designer handbag of their dreams on their arm with less than 300 Euros. We are not interested in that."

I'd now like to insert a "BA'AM" from Real Housewive's of Atlanta's Ne Ne.

Thank you.

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Jack interviews Cate

My favorite Nashvillian interviews the great Cate Blanchett here.

The Modern Age)

How to dress like a French woman.

One of Joanna's (from A Cup of Jo) New Year's resolutions was to "Dress like French woman." When I read it I thought, "What a great resolution! Who wouldn't want to dress like a French woman?" They always look chic with, what looks like, not a lot of effort. Black, layers and long hair seem to be a trend among the French ladies. I can do everything but the long hair.
Garance Doré always has great French women with style. She did a little Q&A with Joanna and you might learn a thing or two on getting that "je ne sais quoi".


Miles Redd

If I ever get in a position to hire an interior decorator there's no doubt in my mind who I would choose. Miles Redd was introduced to me by my Creative Director at my last job and I instantly fell in love with his style. At first glance of his portfolio I was immediately smitten with his use of color. He mixes so many different elements that work together that give you that, "WOW" factor.

Redd's the "
decorator of choice for clients who want the trappings of tradition in a vivid modern frame" says this New York article. Who wouldn't want that?

He's got a Rene Gruau illustration in his bedroom! Love, love, love it.

Wouldn't you love to call this townhouse home? He does. I'm jealous.

Here's a video of him showing his home. Not only is he super talented he looks like he would be super fun. I need to move to New York and become his apprentice.

NY Social Diary also has some great photos of his townhouse here.

Thanks to Style Court for the Miles Redd inspiration.

Sales, Sales, Sales

There are so many sales going it's making my head spin.

The Cut is always showing sales.

I got an email from Magnum's and they've got Longchamp bags marked down.

JCrew is like the king of sales lately. I keep reading where they're marking things down and relying on sales to keep people buying.

Too bad I don't have a job or I would totally be helping the economy right now.

Nikki Farquharson

Check out this groovy graphic designer from London Town.

This a a website she created called "Random Got Beautiful."

"Nikki Farquharson began Random Got Beautiful in March 2007.
This online collage of random photographs is open for public participation.
The idea is to take objects of various colours out of their original context and place them together to create a new one.
The title 'Random Got Beautiful' (RGB for short) was chosen once colour was decided to be the theme.
RGB relies on a collaborative effort while also supporting self promotion.

Click an image to take you to the extermal site of the person who provided that photo.
Special thanks to all those who have blogged about RGB and have linked to this site."

What a great idea.

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Effortlessly Chic

I don't know if I could pull this off and still look so chic. I doubt it would translate as well on an unemployed graphic designer from Nashville. God, that sounds so pathetic...

I need some new shoes.

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I LOVE Victoria Beckham's style. I think she's the definition of sleek. Her clothes are always perfectly tailored and she loves to rock pencil skirts. It makes me miss working because I always wore skirts and dresses.

I'm seriously contemplating getting my hair cut as short as hers.
I've always wanted to go that short but I've always backed out at the last minute. I looked at her measurements and I'm taller than her and just as small so I don't think it would look weird. My head's sort of big though... My next hair appointment is February 13th so I have a while to change my mind but it's a definite maybe at this point.

This blog has great photos of Victoria and David.


New Years Polaroids

Pop your bubble

How cool is this?

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this place has the kind of pieces that I aim to have in my home one day. A mix of modern and traditional with old and new things, how lovely.

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I came across Max Wanger yesterday while jumping from blog to blog (sadly I can't remember where I found him so I can't give the right person credit though I think it was Oh Joy! so I'll leave it at that). Anyway, I'm skimming through his photos and got to the Love & Marriage section and I recognized Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo. It's sort of bizarre that I recognized her because I don't know her, I just follow her blog and have seen pictures of her and her fiance Alex. The photos of them (see below) are too cute. I was ohhing and awwing and then I thought, is this weird? I don't know these people at all. But then I got over it because the pictures are too cute.

Max Wanger also has a great blog.


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