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For the love of all things kate spade

Courtney from Inside the Loop did a post on kate spade ad campaigns and I had to do one too. Every season I look forward to seeing what direction the brand will take with their visuals. They're always consistent with a classic/quirky theme, you really can't miss them when you're flipping through a magazine (I literally have a folder with KS ads that I have been collecting since high school from Elle's and Vogue's, seriously).

These are a few of my favorites:

And here are some from the new campaign:

So of course after all of the oohing and ahhing I was dilly-dallying through the sale section and found the Bah Hum Bug hat on sale! I really need this, I think it's a classic:

Oh the colors

I totally geek out over letterpress cards/invites. I inspect every inch of them and then swoon for a few minutes. This wedding set is fabulous. Can you imagine what the wedding will be like? I sincerely hope they carry out the bird theme.

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Nashville's apparently pretty dangerous

Forbe's came out with the most dangerous cities in America and Nashville came in at lucky number 9! That's a little frightening.
  1. Detroit, MI
  2. Memphis, TN
  3. Miami, FL
  4. Las Vegas, NV
  5. Stockton, CA
  6. Orlando, FL
  7. Little Rock, AR
  8. Charleston, SC
  9. Nashville, TN
  10. Baltimore, MD
  11. New Orleans, LA
  12. Baton Rouge, LA
  13. West Palm Beach, FL
  14. Charlotte, NC
  15. Philadelphia, PA
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Obligatory White Stripes post

Rob Jones is the artist that's done (I'm assuming) the majority of the WS's concert posters. I'm lucky enough to own one:

They're all really, really amazing but these are probably my favorites (from an 04' UK tour):

The one of Meg is on eBay right now for $310.

Jack and Meg in Tokyo:


Image Spark

So happy I just discovered Image Spark.

You can collect, organize and store images all in one spot online. I save every inspiring image I find so I'm stoked to have found something like this. There are even apps you can download for Firefox and Mac's. So nerdy yet so convenient.

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Record Store Day

Here's an interior shot of Third Man Records I shot with my phone. It's pretty awesome, had a great vibe. It's super small, maybe 15x15? The ceiling's tin and there's an old phone booth in the corner. Jack didn't disappoint but my photography skills did.

This is the best costume for the day

Everyone is getting inspiration from the Beales' these days. The ladies would be so proud.

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Inside Grey Gardens

The New York Times has a slide show of never before seen photos of The Beales' home right after it was purchased by Sally Quinn and Benjamin C. Bradlee in 1979.

There's also another slide show of the gardens around the home.


2 of my favorite things

This illustration made me so happy.

I love classic trunk luggage. When the guys in the Darjeeling Limited tossed their Marc Jacob's LV pieces off the train my heart sort of skipped a beat because they were so amazing.

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Celebrate record store day

You better believe I'll be here Saturday afternoon.


Sounds too good to be true.

So Lindsay Lohan posted this fake eHarmony video yesterday that everyone went bananas over. A new report surfaced that it was actually a very clever PR ploy. If this is really true, kudos to her PR team for trying to sell us her leggings and tanning spray (really??).

"She made it to sell us her 6126 leggings and her forthcoming Sevin Nyne spray-on self-tanner. Watch the video carefully, and you'll notice that Lohan sprays the self-tanner into the air approximately 58 seconds in. She also says her eHarmony ID is 612679 — a combination of the names for her leggings line and spray-tan line."

It's like figuring out the hidden messages in a Beatles album cover.

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Sea of Shoes

This girl amazes me. She's 17, has incredible shoe collection and has one of the most popular fashion blogs (Sea of Shoes) around.

I've followed her for a while but had no idea she was this well known.

Umm I'd just like to point out that I would DIE if someone even posted a picture of me when I was 17.


Super side project

New interview with The Dead Weather.

Jack is one busy man.

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Photo styling

Love these photos from Korean Vogue. I think my dream job may be a photo/prop stylist. All those cakes and colors? To die for.

Thinking about specific shots that I swooned over I immediately thought of these from the February issue of Marie Claire. Sofia Coppola designed a line of Louis Vuitton bags and these photos (by Andrew Durham) do such a great job of evoking Coppola's style.

Rebecca Thuss is also a great inspiration. This photo makes me miss Blueprint.

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Michelle Obama Look Book

The Cut did a Look Book featuring Michelle Obama's style. It's interesting to see what she's worn over the past few months.

Boys and their underwear

Jockey is reporting a sales increase in mens' colored undies as men are using this to up their spirits in the down economy. The brands' pink briefs have seen a 62% sales increase within the past 3 months.

I wonder if it's working for them?

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Jen Brill

Jen Brill inspired me to paint my nails red.

I remember seeing this photo and thinking, "I want to look like her."

I still do.

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Donald is expecting company

I'm saving Viv & Donald for a later date but I think I have to have them.

This is Viv.

And this is Donald.

Need I say more?

Fifi Lapin

Just ordered this from Fifi Lapin:

I think I'm on an illustration kick.


Richard Haines

Just came across What I Saw Today. Rather than photograph street style he illustrates it. LOVE the idea, the illustrations are great and familiar - he did the cute illustrations for J Crew.

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It's Mary Ruffle

A blog dedicated to pretty pictures.

I'll take it.

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I've always had a fascination with taxidermy. I know it really freaks out/offends some people but it doesn't bother me at all. This jewelry designer showed their 2009 jewelry line on the taxidermy animals at the Deyrolle in Paris. What a great idea, I love the contrast of the jewelry on the wild animals.

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The Real Housewives recap

A must read for anyone that watches the Real Housewives of New York.

My favorite was that they turned it into a drinking game. You take sip every time Kelly says "inappropriate." Brilliant.



I finally ordered this print and couldn't be more excited. My guest room has a corner filled with art work that it is either framed or not framed because I can't make up my mind on where to hang things (I feel like it's a puzzle and some pieces are still missing.) So after I get this and have it framed I *think* I can finish my hallway.

I'm pretty sure I want this light fixture for the hallway but I'm not 100% yet. It's hard, for me at least, to really figure out what my decorating style is. I know what I'm not but I don't realy know what I am. But then again I'm 23 so I'm sure this is just the beginning of one of many design phases. In fact, the pile of Goodwill donations in my garage should give me a clue of what I've gone through.


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