Being gunlike, gunesque, gunonic.

An inside peek at Parker Posey's East Village apartment.

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Save the date

I'm working on a logo for someone right now and it needs to be young, fun and feminine and translate well to packaging and the web. I sometimes have a hard time when a logo needs to be "fun" because I like simple, type-driven logos (or maybe I'm just boring.) So when I saw this logo for a photographer I fell in love with the design.

After visiting the blog of the designer, Anna Bond of RIFLE design, I discovered this adorable "Wedding certificate poster."

I've never seen something done like this, just the non-inspired gigantic matted frame:

Seems like a TON of people are engaged or getting married and I can't imagine the pressure of picking out all the little details when there are so many to pick from. I'm already dreading my invitations (SO not getting married soon) because I know how particular and indecisive I'm going to be. Eeek.

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Black summer

I'm really loving this look.

I need some slouchy shorts.

*And new sunglasses.

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What a doll

I grew up with a miniature doll house that I was totally obsessed with. I decorated it for each holiday (with Christmas lights and everything) and got really mad when my friends would come over and rearrange the furniture. So when I ran across this post I freaked out because this dollhouse is aaaamazing. It even has Jonathan Adler pottery and a fake dog that just looks like my real dog!

Revival Home & Garden)


The Dead Weather

Is it just me or is it amazing that the Dead Weather have only performed 2 shows and have already landed on the cover of Spin?

Jack White is one pow
erful man.

Oh and I got my limited three-color 45 the other day:

I know, I'm a huge dork for getting excited about this (and actually taking a picture of it) but it's so cool that you can only get this stuff through the Third Man store in town. Something exciting and noteworthy is happening with music in Nashville and it's not country!!!


What Chuck Wore

One of my favorite blogs, Blog Goggles, just enlightened me to an amazing blog called What Chuck Wore. Yes, a blog dedicated to Chuck's wardrobe.

Chic Parisians

Ah, where's my motorcycle man? And my black blazer?

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Color me pretty

Lovely photos for sale at Abby Try Again.

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To romp or not to romp?

I'm undecided about rompers (or jumpsuits, whichever you prefer).


Ella Moss

Miss Selfridge

How great is the Theory one accessorized?

I was thinking about pairing one with some gladiator heels:I saw one tonight at Off 5th but the price tag deterred me. But then, as fate would have it, I came home and had a mailer advertising 40% off one item starting next Wednesday. HA.

I don't know though, I'm still undecided. I don't know if I could pull one off.

Decisions, decisions. I'm glad this was my hard decision of the day and not something serious.


I have no direction

This made me laugh because I've felt like this lately.

I graduated from college, got a job and house. Then I got laid off and have been looking for a job ever since. Now I have no clue what to do or where to go. But, I am kinda happy, in a weird way.

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J Crew

So J Crew has $2,000 dresses now:

I mean I guess there's a lot of detailing but really, a $2,000 J Crew dress?


Saw this on A Cup of Jo and thought it was a super cute tattoo. I'm not a tattoo kind of girl but I love looking at other peoples'. I just find the whole idea of tattooing interesting. I guess because I'm SO indecisive I can't imagine permanently inking myself with something I more than likely won't like within a year.

Like when I was in high school I really liked a band that used a scarab as their logo so I really wanted to get a scarab tattoo on my left wrist. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I would have a bug on my arm.

No thanks.


Anna Wintour

The Queen B at Vogue will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday. She also answers a question that has plagued everyone... why does she wear those infamous sunglasses inside?

"They are seriously useful," she tells Morley Safer. "I can sit in a show and if I am bored out of my mind, nobody will notice . . . At this point, they have become, really, armor."


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Paul Costello

I love Paul Costello's photography. I've meant to do a post on him before but never got around to it. He's the brilliance behind all of Miles Redd's interior photos. How fabulous is the one with Miles hanging out of the window of his townhome? Looooove.

I could live in any of these interiors and be completely satisfied. I want Miles Redd's zebra doors just to totally freak people out. What a conversation piece. Or how about hanging out in the wicker seat swing looking out those fabulous windows?

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The Dead Weather have announced their summer tour dates.

SO glad they're playing the War Memorial. I think it's one of the most underrated venues in Nashville.

Star Trek

I saw the new Star Trek movie over the weekend and it was really, really good. I'm not a big sci fi person but I have seen quite a few Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes in my day.

J.J. Abrams did a great job directing but I'm also partial since I'm a Lost fan.

Oh and Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is a total babe.

Tutti Frutti

New prints are available from the Keep Calm Gallery.

How much fun is

Inspired by the opening cry of Little Richard's rock & roll hit 'Tutti Frutti', this fantastic print was designed and printed at Hand & Eye Letterpress by Phil Abel, Nick Gill and Rosa De Carlo.

The bright colours chosen are in reference to the fruity lyrics, and the immediate visual impact of the wood letter is as close as typography can get to Little Richard's yelp that begins the song.

Perfectly Paris

Perfectly Paris gives you the chance to find an apartment, rather than a hotel, in Paris. Not that Paris is lacking in chic hotels (Hotel Costes comes to mind, not to mention any of these. I think I drooled for half an hour looking through them.) but it would be nice to experience Paris like a Parisian.

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The time has come...

According to the Modern Age, Jack and Meg will be working on some new material after Jack's done with The Dead Weather's summer antics. That means we might have a new White Stripes record next year. How absolutely fabulous would that be?

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