Blog Lovin'

I just started using this site and I think it's a winner.

It looks like a party in there.

This makes me want to babysit.

(Via The Selby)


Fifi Lapin

I love these illustrations.

(Via Oh Joy!)


Do I really look like that?

Lets pretend you just got married and left for a 2 week honeymoon. When you arrived home you found all of your wedding gifts waiting for you to put them in their appropriate places. But to your surprise you also find an exact replica of you and your husband standing in your living room made out of LEGOS!!!

I think I'd laugh myself to death and then try to find a place to put them.

You can give this gift of love for a mere $60,000 give or take your size.

I'm feeling crafty...

...and I totally think I could make some headbands as cute as these. Don't get me wrong, these are adorable but for $32 I can go to Hobby Lobby and buy some feathers and glue them on a headband. I got a peacock clip from Urban Outfitters a while ago but I think I could have made it too.

Speaking of feathers, JCrew has some super cute winter flats (I would link them but they're not on the site yet) coming out with feathers on the toes. I love feathers.

You can buy the headbands here.

I want to ride my bicycle

I envy the ease and beauty of European womens' fashion sense. No matter where they are or what they're doing they always look so stylish.

I can only imagine trying to ride my bike in platform heels.

(Via The Sartorialist)



Do you ever wish you could just command Z things in your life? Like for instance, you're cooking something and you accidentally put the wrong ingredient in first or you start painting a wall and you realize half way through it sucks. I always think to myself, "Shit, I wish I could just hit undo."

(Via SwissMiss)

I see London, I see France

Who wouldn't want to travel if you had this luggage to jet set with?


Just when you think you're clever

I just ran across this blog...what a genius idea.

(Via NYMag)

For Sale

Someone had the brilliant idea to create a blog based on poor photo choices for real estate listings. I think this one is my favorite. I'm glad the bears showed up for the shot, they look very attentive.

(Via Decorno)



I wish I was her.

Even though this is in French I still check it daily. I can pick up a few things here and there (the English translation makes no sense half the time) but the photos are absolutely amazing. Talk about wanting to revamp the wardrobe...


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