Lets go on a little trip.

Joanna Goodard recently posted photos from her honeymoon to Greece and Italy. These pictures of Santorini made me nostalgic for the beauty of the Greek Isles.

My mom and step-dad got married in Santorini at sunset, overlooking the sea. (For some reason I've just recently appreciated how incredible that is, how will I ever beat that?) When they took me to Greece we went back to the same spot they were married and it was breathtakingly gorgeous. The sunsets there are phenomenal.

Santorini was magical.

(Top photos from A Cup of Jo, bottom photos Lets have a ball and biscuit)

Vending ring machine

Not your average vending machine.

In efforts to change Amsterdam's Red Light district into quaint jewelry shops (what??) this vending machine lets dashing young men by their lady a €2.50 ring rather than a bag of Cheetos.

Very cute idea.

(Via Chic Report)

Snuggie v2.0

A snuggie for the hipster.

(Via Dossier)

Take my picture

Discovered a new street style blog, All the Pretty Birds, thanks to Refinery 29.


Le regard du jour

Emails from
Do it in Paris make my mornings some days. I love this look.


New favorite online shop: Cuffs.

If you can't find it at your local vintage store, chances are you'll find what you're looking at Cuffs.

You would also be guaranteed to be on streetstyle blog (check out this new Paris one) wearing one of these frocks.

(Via LeFashion)

Fashion show on Coke

Coca Cola Light (I wish we called it Coca Cola Light rather than Diet Coke, 1 extra cool point for Europe) had a fashion show in Milan to raise money for a town affected by an earthquake last year. The Italians will actually be able to buy bottles in the fashion of their choice. Incredible.

(Via the Cut)


I did yoga for the first time tonight in almost a year. It was inspiring. I've never been one for physical activity. I never played sports in school and am generally a non-athletic girl (I've tried and failed miserably at sports) but I truly enjoy yoga. Not only is it a workout but it's a great way to end a hectic day.

Today I was catching up on my blogs and Erin from Elements of Style had, ironically, just done a
post on yoga. Just look at her go:

Luckily a good friend of mine is getting certified to teach in a few months so I have someone to go to classes with. Incense, yoga clothes, trip-hop/electronic music... I'm all about it.

Tonight I went to Sanctuary Yoga here in Nashville. It was great, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try yoga out. And your first class is free!

(Playlist via Erin)


Knee high

I saw some oxford pumps today that I loved but couldn't decide if I would get a lot of use out of them this fall. And then I saw SJP:

So tomorrow I'm buying the shoes and then ordering the knee socks.

(Thanks From Portland to Peonies for the inspiration)

Beating like a hammer

I saw Metric years ago when they opened for Hot Hot Heat and I had to sneak into the show because I wasn't 18. Emily Haines blew me away, she's got such an incredible voice and really great stage presence. I saw this video on larooblog and it made me start relistnening to their old albums. And I'm glad for it.

Coin purse

I want one of these.

(Via Refinery29)

Paris 48°49N 2°2NE

Brilliant idea.
Ami Sioux had it.

She asked fifty people living in Paris to sketch maps to places that were important to them in their everyday lives. She then followed the maps and photographed the final destination and made it all into a book.

Oh, Paris.

You can order the book through Colette.

(Via A Cup of Jo)

The squirrel girl strikes again

I wish I had something to put these knobs on.


1001 rules for my unborn son

I love perusing through 1001 rules for my unborn son.

I always end up smiling after finding something like this:

308. Invest in great luggage. You never know where you'll end up.

Unexpected art

Loving the unexpected use of chalkboard paint.

(Via bryn alexandra)

Smoke break

Emma Watson love

(Via Jak&Jil)

"My philosophy is: sleep late, drive fast and not take any of this shit seriously."

Space ice cream.

I remember trying this stuff for the first time at Space Camp and I loved it.

Speaking of Space Camp, whatever happened to Kevin Donaldson aka Tate Donovan?


Merus Winery

I'd love to have a glass of wine here.

Merus Winery, in Napa, was designed by Amsterdam based architectural and design firm, Uxus Design. Uxus is one of the Netherlands hottest firms right now doing Heineken 'concept' bars in airports across the globe and one of Europe's coolest McDonald's play areas in Amsterdam.

(Via The Cool Hunter)

Those legs, that hair...

My favorite Italian in New York and Milan.

(Via The Sartorialist)


Modern day photobooth

This digital and portable photobooth was developed by two Melbourne-based photographers after they turned a small room into a tiny photobooth that was an instant hit at a party. It's part inflatable and shoots at 11 megapixels. What a great idea for events. Learn more about Photobooth here.

(Via The Cool Hunter)


Peter Som

Style.com described Peter Som's collection as "colorfully, eccentric, lady-mod," which I love. It's got a bit of a Mad Men flair, no?

Three Cheers for spring.


One of my favorite American labels, Ruffian, went simple and chic for spring. Every single look could easily fit into my wardrobe. I just adore their simple, ladylike looks.


One of my favorite designers from NY Fashion Week was Australian designer, Willow. The colors and silhouettes were feminine and flirty, perfect for spring. I'm tiring of black, color seems fun again.


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