Music Monday Version 2

PS22 Chorus covers "Lisztomania"

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Music Monday

Midlake, "Young Bride"



French playhouses

There was nothing better than playing in my blue and white playhouse in the backyard when I was a little girl. My grandfather wired it so I could have lamps (I was into ambient lighting even as a child!) and I would fill it with stuffed animals and tea sets. Oh to be young again. These French playhouses took me back to those wonderful summers.

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Panoramic Paris

Massive panorama of Paris. It's pretty fun to play around with.

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Faire Houre

I love an interesting clock (Grandfather's, cuckoo's, etc.) How adorable are these plates-turned-clocks? Unfortunately the etsy shop is unavailable but you can check out the chic creations {here} in the mean time.


Paper Perfect by Lane

My best friend Lane just opened up an Etsy shop! From invites to gift tags, she has it all. Check out Paper Perfect {here}.


Fall Valli

Love love love Giambattista Valli's Fall 2010 collection.

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Today was the first day of Spring. I welcomed it with open arms.

(photos via dress, design & decor, all by Corrie Bond)


Vintage NY wedding

What a cool couple. They got married at City Hall.

Lovely photos by Heather Waraksa.

A Cup of Jo)

States United

Buy here.

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Gwyneth Paltrow spent the past few monts living in Nashville while shooting Love Don't Let Me Down with Tim McGraw and Leighton Meester. I kept hearing of Gywneth sightings all over town and I thought to myself, "She'll totally do a GOOP dedicated to the Music City." And voila... looks like she made it around town pretty well.


A squirrel's guide to fashion

A squirrel's guide to fashion.

Tommy Tucker was a squirrel adopted by a woman in Washington, DC, in the early 1940s after she found him abandoned in a tree. He soon became part of the family and she (obviously) dressed him in adorable human clothes."


Sofia Coppola

I can only say why I wanted to make the movie: to convey what I love about Tokyo and visiting the city. It’s about moments in life that are great but don’t last. They don’t go on, but you always have the memory and they have an effect on you. That’s what I was thinking about.
— Sophia Coppola on Lost In Translation

Who inspires me? She does.

(all photos via Sofia Coppola!)


“imagination is more important than knowledge. – albert einstein”

Purchase here.

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Chanel spy camera

Ever wonder what it's like to walk in a Chanel show?

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Lady Gaga & Beyonce

If you haven't seen Telephone, watch it now {

Kottke said it might be the
last great music video. I don't know about that, Jonas Åkerlund has an impressive resume (Remember Madge's Ray of Light? Åkerlund did that) but it is the first video in a while that I've watched and then immediately re-watched to make sure I didn't miss anything.


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