Little monster man

Scare Tactics might be the funniest show on television.

Fashion phase

I love looking through past posts and seeing the phases I go through. Like right now it's obviously a fashion phase.

The joy of keeping a blog, I can look back and laugh at myself.

(Photo via StockholmStreetStyle)

Perfect for a crisp fall day...

I don't think I've stepped foot into an Abercrombie in at least 5 years. It's one of those places you just stop going after a certain point. But after seeing these sweaters I might need to change my tune...

That moose is obnoxiously large on everything though.

How luxe is this vest?

(Thanks to Bliss for bring this to my attention)

Love this


Topshop Christmas

Kate Moss's new Topshop collection goes on sale tomorrow at 6AM. This collection will be her twelfth collection for Topshop and will feature sleepwear among other things.

It's going to sell out fast...

(Via Mama's A Rolling Stone)


You grab the leash, I'll grab the mink

Friends from a past life.

(Image via LIFE)

@thesquirrelgirl needs these

Kate Spade squirrel earrings.

One of my co-workers saw my keys which include 2 squirrel keychains (a leather, yellow KS squirrel silhouette and a little squirrel bottle opener) and asked, "Katie. What's with the squirrels?"

I didn't know what to say. I just have a thing for squirrels. I can't really explain it. If one ran in my living room right now I'd scream and run out the door. It's just a bizarre interest that I've had since I was little.

(Squirrel card game via 6dependents)

Vintage cake toppers

My grandmother still has my mom's wedding cake topper in her china cabinet and every time I walk through the dining room I notice the husband and wife standing arm in arm. I love the simple and sweet mood the little figurines evoke.

I noticed a collection of old cake toppers while antiquing today and then ran across
these photos at Oh Happy Day! Wedding fever must be in the fall air!

And if not vintage cake toppers, how about some birds?


Magic carpet ride

Lady Margot decided to chew the edge of one of my Turkish rugs today. Luckily I caught her in time to stop major damage but it still got me thinking about rugs...

(Via Designer Collection by The Rug Company)

Picture books

This is a must for Christmas 2009.

Flapper doodle



Box love

Ladurée didn't have these in August or I would have owned 5 of each.

I love boxes. I always save the sturdy and cute ones (and one day I'll have one of these on a shelf.) I think it stems back from my grandmother keeping department store jewelry boxes from the 1960's. She's kept, and used, little jewelry boxes all of these years and now I love having a vintage Harvey's box to store earrings in.

I feel a wave of pastels coming

Now that the perfect fall boot is on its way to my doorstep, I think a new bag is in order.

(Thanks to Arianna Belle for the handbag inspiration)

See Jane Work

Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Destined to Design, I was reminded of See Jane Work and some of it's lovely goodies:

Business Card holder notebook. I can't believe I'm old enough to need a notebook to hold business cards.

These vintage record cd sleeves/labels. Because cd's look sad with nothing but sharpie written words on them, these kind of make them awesome.

Bookmarks. Who wants boring post-its when you can have these marking your favorite pages?

A pretty
notebook. I try to always carry my Moleskin but in case I forgot it, I wouldn't mind having this notebook in my bag.

Square bulletin boards. I've lacked in visual wall inspiration for a while now. I need to reinstate my inspiration cubicle wall (first photo) and make my home office a bit more appealing (see second photo, via here.)


la de dah

I wish I spent my days wearing furs and crowns.

(Via This is Glamorous)

Start spreading the news...

I want to be in a dark, smokey lounge when I listen to Cat Power.

Chan Marshall's voice has to be one of the sexiest voices around.

(Photo via gorillavsbear)

Color my closet

I'm toying with the idea of turning my spare bedroom into a big closet. I hate my closets. Sliding doors and no lighting, not very practical.

If I did something like this I could keep good inventory and color code everything. Which I already do and am obsessed with.

(Photos via Apartment Therapy)

I still love antlers.

(Via MadeByGirl)

Street style from Paris

Can you imagine walking around Paris in those LV heels? Jesus.

(Via Refinery 29, all by Mr. Newton)


Perfect low boot for fall.

Make Up For Ever

This foundation beats Mac's Studio Fix hands down.

Watch less, write more

I'm going to start writing letters.

Flamingos and Trees

Loving this adorably quaint and quirky dinner collection by
Baily Doesn't Bark.

(Via Bright Side Project)


Night light

Digging these photos from futureancient's Flickr stream.

There's something romantic about lights at night.

(Via The English Muse)


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