Daphnee Guinness is my hero

"You either want to have something functional or artistic," Ms. Guinness explained. "I mourn the demise of people walking down the streets with umbrellas and hats. Reality that reflects reality is a big fat mess. I like to experiment with different fabrics and see what happens. There's one fabric I've been looking for for five years. It's like an LCD screen, but it's supple. You'd be able to play the movie 'Sunset Boulevard' on your T-shirt. The military has the first option on it. I keep asking them, 'Can't you just give me a little bit?'"

Oh my god please give it to her. Please please please.

(via Wall Street Journal)


ZARA love

2 SEPTEMBER means you can shop Zara. ONLINE!!!

This is great news for those of us who act like goons when we go to civilized cities with stores like Zara and Topshop.

Black Eiffel)


EmersonMade clothes

I have always adored their flowers but now EmersonMade has a clothing line! The tweed jacket would be perfect for a crisp fall night.

(via DailyCandy)


Vintage fun

Love Ms Deschanel.




Going the Distance

This looks super cute.

Olivia Palermo

Love her or hate her, the girl has style. And she's absolutely gorgeous.

(via Refinery29)


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