I really, really want a new camera. I got a little digital Canon two years ago but I'm ready for this:
How can I swindle together $689? Maybe I could sell Margot on the cute dog black market...

As my step-dad always says, "Bad joke, bad joke."

I just love looking at Erika and Darby's blogs and Darby always has the greatest photos of her kids. Could her little boy be any cuter?

I'm not a big kid person (I've just never been around a lot of babies and little kids, I've always been the younger kid in the family) but this little boy just makes me weak in the knees! That little grin and his long whispy hair... ohhh soo adorable!

Rachel also has a Canon Rebel and she's been posting a lot of fabulous photos lately. (See here.)

I've got to get me one of these! I feel like it would inspire me to go out and be adventurous with what I see rather than looking past the beauty that surrounds me everyday. Sounds corny but I bet I could find some really great things to shoot around Nashville.

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