Gossip Girl-inspired fashion line

The Gossip Girl-inspired fashion line Anna Sui designed for Target hits stores this September and runs through October. New York Magazine has a slide show of all nineteen looks featuring the four main ladies. Here are my picks for the most "character" inspired outfits.

The Queen B:
Little J:


Miss Van der Woodsen:

All in all I think they're okay, some better than others. I thought Blair's looks were more on par than any of them. I don't understand why the Serena-inspired looks were all black and grey. Remember the canary yellow/floral gown she wore to her mom's wedding?


Jess said...

i agree, thumbs-up to the blair ensembles, not so sure about the rest. cool idea though, i can't wait to check it out.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I'm so with you! And why were Vanessa's all brown and orange? It's not fall.


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