@thesquirrelgirl needs these

Kate Spade squirrel earrings.

One of my co-workers saw my keys which include 2 squirrel keychains (a leather, yellow KS squirrel silhouette and a little squirrel bottle opener) and asked, "Katie. What's with the squirrels?"

I didn't know what to say. I just have a thing for squirrels. I can't really explain it. If one ran in my living room right now I'd scream and run out the door. It's just a bizarre interest that I've had since I was little.

(Squirrel card game via 6dependents)


melissa davis said...

They ARE cute- from far away!! I actually had one trying to squeeze through a hole in my window screen when I lived in NYC. I woke up to a squirrel half way in my apt! Needless to say I screamed and scared it away- phew! I thought the same thing- I'd have to just leave the apt!! ;)

KT said...

Haha oh my gosh I would have died! They're sneaky little creatures.


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