And this is why I like fashion

Mmm Giambattista Valli... my favorite collection from Paris thus far.

I want everything, everything, everything!

"Tribal, ethnic, but couturey and in love-likeness" - Giambattista on his collection.

I love imagining where I would wear different pieces. Like this for instance:

After sunning on the yacht all afternoon, I'd slide into this and take a stroll through the streets of St. Tropez in 4 inch heels and my big orange Birkin.

I have to think these things up, you know?

Talk about making an entrance! I really hope one of the Olsen's wear this. I say one of the Olsen's because I can't see many other "celebrities" having the balls to wear this even though it's absolutely stunning. No, I could see Victoria Beckham working this and ruling the red carpet with those feathers and some fierce Louboutins.

I am in love. What fun, inspiring collection.

(Photos via NY Mag)

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destined to design said...

holy COW! that white dress with the ruffles is insanely fantastic! love it all.


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