Monsieur Papparazo

Spotted: K leaving Nashville for a quick jaunt to Paris. Will she find love in the City of Lights or will she never eat a baguette again?


Cara said...

so glad you loved it...i lived in southern france in high school for a bit...it's most glorious...i love your blog, tell me more about your trip!

KT said...

Oh my gosh I could move to Paris tomorrow and be so incredibly happy. That's so amazing that you lived in southern France! Are you fluent in French? I will post pictures from the trip soon!

Cara said...

KT! sorry, just saw this...haha...i'm not fluent in anything but English (and that's iffy sometimes)...lived in cuernavaca mexico for a skosh too and so i speak random french and spanish words, sad to say! i think you just have to live there and you'd pick it right up!


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