Ryan Korban

It's the small things in life, really, it is.

Perusing through blogs tonight, I happened upon an old favorite, Elements of Style. Noticing some photos I had saved in the past, I jumped to the designer's website without reading much (I have what I like to call, "reader's ADHD".) As soon as the website loaded I heard a familiar tune from my friend Jack. Yes, Seven Nation Army orchestra style.

So then I headed back to Elements of Style to soak in the post in it's entirety. At this point I knew this had to be special because having the White Stripes as your background music means we're instantly soul mates, not to mention that I completely get your design aesthetic.

Ryan had been featured on the Selby so I jumped over there to check out his place. Shocked, I had swooned over his pad a gazillion times. Once again, my reader's ADHD deferred me from investigating who this guy was. I think I had assumed "up and coming fashion designer" at one point. But seriously, from the red Persian rugs (I currently have 3), the brushed gold coffee table (my side tables are nearly identical to his), to the blue and white china (Spode's "Blue Italian" has been on my imaginary wedding registry since high school)... this guy is so up my decorating alley.

Then lets talk lighting. He has an affinity for gold fixtures, as do I. I feel like so many people are anti-gold and all nickel and pewter. The fixture in the kitchen is adorable and the faux bamboo bedside lamp... you're killing me Ryan.

So Ryan, why don't you come down to Nashville and hang out? I'll take you to Third Man Records, to my favorite antique shop and then back to my place to sit on my Turkish beauty while we watch It Might Get Loud. Then we can decorate!

Sound good?

(Photos via the selby + ryan korban)

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destined to design said...

too funny. you guys are soulmates. i read about him somewhere recently...he's got a great aesthetic.


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