Olivia Palermo

She may play a biatch on The City but there's no denying Olivia Palermo's style. From her luscious locks to her perfectly tanned legs (i.e. below) the girl always looks good. Loving the barrel curls these days, I'm slowly starting to leave my straightener behind for a curling iron.

It's been reported that she was the real-life inspiration for Blair Waldorf but I'm wondering if that was started just because of her undeniable resemblance of Leighton Meester.

Habitually Chic has a great collection of Olivia Palermo photos, here.

(Photos via TFS, The Sartorialist, La Dolce Vita)


destined to design said...

i concur! her style is so fantastic. her, on the other hand, can't stand.

Cara said...

i know right?! she always looks amazing...so. jealous.


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