I did yoga for the first time tonight in almost a year. It was inspiring. I've never been one for physical activity. I never played sports in school and am generally a non-athletic girl (I've tried and failed miserably at sports) but I truly enjoy yoga. Not only is it a workout but it's a great way to end a hectic day.

Today I was catching up on my blogs and Erin from Elements of Style had, ironically, just done a
post on yoga. Just look at her go:

Luckily a good friend of mine is getting certified to teach in a few months so I have someone to go to classes with. Incense, yoga clothes, trip-hop/electronic music... I'm all about it.

Tonight I went to Sanctuary Yoga here in Nashville. It was great, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try yoga out. And your first class is free!

(Playlist via Erin)

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David said...

You're going to laugh your ass off, but I tried one of Kristin's yoga DVDs one morning about a month ago -- I really dig it. It totally relaxes me.


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